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Wenlan Hu Frost Portrait

    Wenlan Hu Frost is a Chinese-born American artist. She spent her childhood and youth in a series of displacements during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. First she followed her parents to a labor-camp in remote Northwest China for re-education, and later she went back to Beijing to live and study independently to finish her middle school education. Following her graduation from high school, she spent another three years in the countryside for her own labor re-education. Later, she went to university to study engineering. After her graduation from university, she worked in engineering, newspaper publishing and management consulting in China. In 1990, she came to the U.S. to pursue advanced education. A year later, she earned a Master of Science degree in Management of Technology (MBA) from the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Afterward, she worked as an equity research analyst and investment adviser on Wall Street in New York City for seven years before she went back home to raise and homeschool her two sons. She became a U.S. citizen in 2005. 

    Wenlan Hu Frost's artistic career began purely by chance. As a child, she loved drawing, painting and crafts. She copied paintings by famous Chinese masters. However, in the midst of Cultural Revolution turmoil, she didn't have an opportunity to pursue formal art education. In 2006, when her then seven-year-old son Daniel was enrolled at Xinsheng Wang Art School in Houston, her deep love toward art was awaken. At the age of 48, she began to study painting under Chinese master painter Xinsheng Wang, where she studied acrylic landscape, still life, and portrait painting.

    In 2007, after a few months of learning painting, Wenlan Hu Frost started to explore her own unique painting style. After much experimentation, she gradually developed and formed her Abstract Symbolism style, which was applied in the creation of her first major important series entitled Chinese Calligraphy 2.0 - The Love Character Abstract Symbolism Series. She was the first artist to present the Chinese character as a symbolic abstract art form on a Western medium. This series was a product of the artist's 32 years of life and cultural experiences in China and 17 years in the United States. It blended Chinese and Western artistic characteristics, creating a unique and distinctive artistic representation of a hybrid of traditional Chinese and modern Western cultures. She had her first solo museum exhibition of this series at the Butler Institute of American Art in Spring 2008.

    In the past 14 years since her solo museum exhibition, she continued to refine her craft while creating new works. She systematically studied Western and Chinese masters' classical works from all times, as well as world art history. She continued to challenge herself, exploring and innovating indefinitely, from landscape to portrait, from representation to abstraction, from traditional art to digital art, from canvas to paper. To date, she has created multiple series of paintings and drawings with about several hundred pieces in total.  During this process, she has gradually formed her own unique signature painting styles.

    In 2015, she and her family invented SQUAREMINO board game as a home school project. They developed the Squaremino board game concept, designed and prototyped the game pieces, refined the playing rules, and produced the whole game, making it a commercial product.

    Since 2018, she has been operating her official Etsy shop where she curates and offers her artistic products and art supply items, serving the American creative community.

    In 2022, together with her husband Daniel Allen Frost, an MIT PhD, she has started venturing into the NFT world. They have revisited her past artworks and digital artworks that they have created together since 2008 and turned them into digital artwork NFT collections, offering them on OpenSea marketplace. They plan to create more digital artwork NFT collections in the future.  

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