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Frost NFT Collections

Listed on OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Frost Heartscape Collection

Frost Heartscape NFT Collection

Frost Chinese Love Character Collection

Frost Chinese Love Character NFT Collection

Frost Yin Yang Collection

Frost Yin Yang NFT Collection

Frost Curvescape Collection

Frost Curvescape NFT Collection

Frost Illusion Heavenscape Collection

          Illusion Heavenscape NFT Collection

Wenlan Hu Frost Glitter Painting Series Collection

Wenlan Hu Frost Glitter Painting Series Collection

Frost Art VIP Club

Frost Art VIP

About Frost NFT Collections

The above NFT collections are joint creations by Wenlan Hu Frost and Dr. Daniel Allen Frost in 2022 except Wenlan Hu Frost's Glitter Painting Series.

Frost digital art NFTs are art centric, focusing on exploring the relationship between shape, color combinations, and human emotions. Each image could evoke various personal emotions to various viewers.

The Frost artwork style for these digital abstract art NFTs is abstract symbolism.

There are four 10K digital art NFT collections and a few other NFT collections created by Wenlan Hu Frost and Daniel Allen Frost in 2022.

All Frost NFT collections have already been MINTED on the Polygon blockchain in 2022 and have IP protection in the US.

THERE ARE NO MORE WEBSITE MINTINGS. So, any link pointing to a minting website should be assumed a scam. 

Frost NFT Sale And Distribution

The sale and distribution of these NFTs start in the 2nd quarter 2024. Frost & Frost, LLC reserves 10% (#1-1000) of these NFTs.

The NFT listing for sale on Opensea starts from #1001 onward sequentially.  Selling price starts at 6 Matic, then goes up by 0.5 Matic after each 1,000 NFTs are sold.

Currently, these NFTs are just art to keep it simple. If there is any new development in their utilities in the future, we will announce it in our
𝕏 (Twitter) account. You could follow our 𝕏 (Twitter) account @FrostAndFrostUS for update.

Frost NFT Marketing and Referral Reward

We will have a marketing and referral program in place. If you refer a friend or yourself, you need to send the Referee's wallet address and your own wallet address (Referrer) to our email address: BEFORE the NFT purchase is made by the Referee. You will be rewarded 1 Matic in your Referrer's wallet AFTER the Referee's NFT purchase is made and verified. The reward could also be in the form of NFT if more of the referrals are made (each 5 NFT referrals could be rewarded 1 NFT).

We will also reward influencers who promote our NFT collections through their
𝕏 accounts or Youtube, as well as people who introduce us to the third parties for promotion or purchase. The NFT reward varies on a case-by-case basis.

All feedback and suggestions are most welcome and appreciated.

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