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Wenlan Hu Frost

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Frost NFT Collections

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Frost Heartscape Collection

Frost Heartscape NFT Collection

Frost Chinese Love Character Collection

Frost Chinese Love Character NFT Collection

Frost Yin Yang Collection

Frost Yin Yang NFT Collection

Frost Curvescape Collection

Frost Curvescape NFT Collection

Frost Illusion Heavenscape Collection

          Illusion Heavenscape NFT Collection

Wenlan Hu Frost Glitter Painting Series Collection

Wenlan Hu Frost Glitter Painting Series Collection

Frost Art VIP Club

Frost Art VIP

The above NFT collections are joint creations by Wenlan Hu Frost and Dr. Daniel Allen Frost in 2022 except Wenlan Hu Frost's Glitter Painting Series.

Currently, Frost digital art NFTs are art centric, focusing on exploring the relationship between shape, color combinations, and human emotions. Each image could evoke various personal emotions to various viewers.

The Frost artwork style for these digital abstract art NFTs is abstract symbolism.

All Frost NFT collections have already been MINTED on the Polygon blockchain, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly layer-2 Ethereum ecosystem with the ERC-721 token standard.

Therefore, there is no more website minting. So, any link pointing to a minting website should be assumed a scam. 

The distribution of these NFTs will start soon. You could follow our Twitter @FrostAndFrostUS for update.

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